Someday I wanna live in one of these mansions

Someday I wanna live in one of these mansions

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The Witch of Forest Grove’s Hedgecrossing Ritual


A very respected and educated witch.



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What is eggshell powder used for


"You might have also heard this called cascarilla powder (“peace powder”). It is commonly used in Santeria, Haitian voodoo, and South American folk magic.

Personally, I use eggshell powder to draw sigils and to protect my home. Drawing sigils with eggshell powder is pretty self-explanatory. To protect your home, simply sprinkle eggshell powder in the corners while focusing on keeping the negative out and only allowing positive in. I also make a line in front of my front door to protect against any unwanted visitors.

To dry out the eggshells, I stuck the eggshells in my toaster oven for two minutes at 450 degrees. You must watch them because they can burn. After that, crush them in a mortar and pestle while focusing on what they will be used for. You can also create a fine powder by putting them into a coffee grinder, but in doing so you are not putting your energy into it (charging them, basically).”

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The only clear view is from atop the mountain of your dead selves.
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Yeah, well my goddess could beat up your goddess
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